Fighting period poverty in school

Did you know that every month in Kenya, lack of access to menstrual products keeps girls away from school, which will leads to the disproportionate dropout rates between boys and girls when transitioning into high school? We’re fighting period poverty in our project villages by providing girls with reusable sanitary products, soap and an education on what periods are and that they’re normal and healthy. We’re aiming not only to give girls the products they need to stay in school when they’re on their period, but also to reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation. Just £5 will give a schoolgirl a pack of reusable sanitary products, soap and an educational session to give her the knowledge and confidence to manage her period safely and with confidence. We’ll be supporting as many girls as we can fund and 100% of your donation will go to the project, so even a small donation will make a huge difference to a girl’s life.

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