Beyond Conservation: COVID -19 Rapid Support for local communities

The COVID-19 pandemic is having severe impacts on the global community; on people’s lives, health, livelihoods and economies. Its effects have mostly had detrimental impacts to the vulnerable people in the society including women, youths, elderly and those living in poverty. Recognizing the widespread desire to support communities in need and promote more holistic solutions to food insecurity, Mikoko Pamoja and Vanga Blue Forest came to the rescue by supporting pressing needs of these communities with food and preventive gears against Covid-19. The two carbon offset in Gazi and Vanga respectively contributed KSh 250,000 to the community kitty. The funds were used to purchase food items, facemasks and sanitary soaps that were distributed to elderly, orphans, widows and people living with disabilities. A total of 158 households in Vanga, Gazi, Makongeni, Jimbo and Kiwegu villages benefited from the aid.